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Aging at home and maintaining autonomy is often the top priority for older adults.

The option to have licensed caregivers provide services where you’re most comfortable can alleviate stressors for both the individual and family.

At Heavenly Care, our trained caregivers provide home care for seniors who do not want to enter assisted living facilities or other skilled nursing homes, and prefer to remain independent as long as possible.

At Heavenly Care, we hold our caregivers to the highest possible standards and ensure that each caregiver meets our stringent standards of compassionate care and professionalism along with their licensure where required.

Working With An Experienced Caregiver: The Heavenly Difference

A licensed caregiver is someone who has obtained the necessary licensing or certification required by the state or local regulatory bodies to provide care to individuals in a professional setting. The specific requirements for licensure may vary depending on the location and the type of care being provided.

Licensed caregivers typically undergo formal training, complete educational programs, and pass examinations to demonstrate their competency in providing care.

Examples of licensed care providers include:

  • Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs)
  • Licensed Practical Nurses or LPNs)
  • Registered Nurses (RNs)
  • Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs)

Our Licensed Caregiver Services

Heavenly Care has a full range of skilled services for older adults as well as patients of all ages.


Heavenly Care Home Health is a wonderful home health company

I receive weekly infusions and my nurse is kind, professional, highly skilled, and just a pleasure all around.
HIghly recommend if needing home health services.


Blood Sugar Testing and Diabetic Management

Blood sugar testing and management is crucial to the safety and health of our diabetic clients. We can perform, under the services of an RN, glucose monitoring as well as provide education to clients and families about dietary management, and lifestyle adjustments to help individuals effectively manage their diabetes.

Nursing Services

Heavenly Cargiver’s home health care nursing services provide professional medical care in the comfort of your own home and can provide your loved one with wound care, medication management, IV therapy, monitoring vital signs, administering injections, and other specialized nursing procedures as prescribed.

Home Infusion Therapy

Home infusion therapy services allow clients to receive intravenous medications, fluids, and nutrition in the comfort of their own homes instead of having to transition into a skilled nursing facility. We provide sterile equipment, monitor patients’ progress, and ensure the safe and effective administration of infusion therapies.

Vital Signs

Monitoring vital signs is an essential part of keeping your loved one safe. Heavenly Care’ licensed staff measures and tracks important health indicators such as blood pressure, heart rate,  temperature, and respiratory rate, allowing us to communicate patients’ overall health status and monitor potential concerns that require attention.

In-Home Lab Draws

In-home lab draws eliminate the need for individuals to travel to a medical facility for routine blood tests. Heavenly can coordinate this service to collect blood samples and ensure accurate and timely delivery to the designated laboratory for testing.

Hospice Support

Experiencing a loved one entering into hospice care can be a difficult time where compassion is top priority. Our team works closely with clients, families, and their healthcare providers to provide pain management, emotional support, and end-of-life care in a familiar environment.

Medication Setup and Administration

Our licensed home health care team assists individuals with medication setup and administration to ensure your loved one is taking medications as prescribed. We provide medication management services, including organizing medication schedules, assisting with medication reminders, and administering medications safely and accurately.

Peg, G, and J Tube Care and Education

Individuals with PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy), G (gastrostomy), and J (jejunostomy) tubes need special care and attention. We ensure proper tube maintenance, administer tube feedings, and educate our clients and their families on tube care, hygiene, and potential complications.

Companion Care

Companion care services enhance the quality of life for individuals who may be experiencing social isolation or require additional support in their daily activities. Our experienced caregivers provide companionship, engage in meaningful conversations, assist with light household tasks, and accompany clients to appointments, outings, and social activities.

Trust The Safety of Your Loved Ones in the Hands Our Our Licensed Healthcare Team

Taking care of older adults is a privilege–and we treat it as such. If you or a loved one require in-home care, we’d be honored to speak with you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Licensed Caregivers in Texas

Navigating the challenges of an aging loved one can be difficult. We’re here to help answer questions you may have.

Below are answers to some of our most common questions regarding licensed caregivers in TX.

Do Caregivers Need A License In Texas?

In Texas, caregivers providing personal care services do not require a specific license, but those offering skilled nursing services or medication administration must hold a valid nursing license. It is crucial that you seek home health providers that match the unique needs of your loved ones.

Each of the care providers at Heavenly Care is qualified, experienced, and trained in-house so that you can ensure your loved one is getting the best care possible.

What Is The Difference Between A Licensed Caregiver And An Unlicensed Caregiver?

The difference between A Licensed Caregiver and and Unlicensed Caregiver is primarily in their qualifications and Authorized Scope of Services. Licensed Caregivers could be CNAs, RNs, LVNs, EMTs, and more.  They are qualified to provide specific services for needs you may have.

Unlicensed professional caregivers still have significant experience providing personal care or in-home care assistance, but may not have a specific license.  Heavenly Care employs both licensed and unlicensed caregivers, providing them all with training, a dedicated mentor, and over 30 years of experience in caregiving from the owners.

The choice on what type of care is the best fit for you depends on the specific care needs of the individual.

Does Heavenly Care Background Check And Drug Test Their Licensed Caregivers?

Yes. We perform extensive background checks and drug tests–more than is required by law. We do this to ensure the safety and security of your loved one.

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