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Accessible Safety In A Beautiful Accessory 

The life-saving alert system that doubles as a gorgeous and practical accessory for ultimate confidence and peace of mind.

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Senior Safety Stats

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports an alarming number of falls and injuries in the senior population each year. Approximately 36 million senior falls occur each year, and 20% of those falls result in serious injuries and broken bones.[1]

Head and hip injuries are some of the most concerning repercussions of a fall. Other conditions such as general weakness, nutritional deficiencies, or certain medications can increase the risk of falls, as would vision problems and environmental hazards.[2]

The fear of injury or the inability to quickly get help, especially after a previous fall, can lead many older adults to feel uneasy. At Heavenly Care, we know first-hand that keeping older adults safe without sacrificing their independence is a growing concern. A fall-detection device with the capabilities of UnAliWear’s Kanega Watch could save a life and get help on-site as quickly as possible.

UnAliWear Kanega Watch: The Sleek Fall Detection Smartwatch With 24/7 Voice or Button Activated Help

Heavenly Care is excited to partner with UnAliWear and the Kanega Watch! This is a first-of-it’s-kind voice-controlled smartwatch and a gorgeous alternative to alert pendants.

You or your loved one can remain active without compromising safety or style. With emergency assistance only seconds away, continuing to do what you love and go where you like will be the rule, not the exception.

Sensitive Fall Detection

Automatic fall alerts are sent out to get help on the way immediately.

24/7 Access To Protection

Always get the help you need when you need it by voice or button.

GPS Location and Dispatch

Even if you can’t respond, the operator will make sure you get help.

Battery Operated – No Charge Needed

With the patented quick-swap battery system, you’ll never be without your device.

No Complex Setup Required

Open the box. Put it on. Live your life.

Gorgeous Wristwatch Style

No more unseemly necklaces you hide under your clothes.

How The Kanega Watch Works

  • Fall Detection

    Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, The Kanega Watch is the only medical alert watch with a patented built-in fall detection system that learns how you move normally to properly detect falls. This level of technological integration offers the highest level of circumspect protection that is not as susceptible to false alerts.

  • Activation

    The emergency alert system is activated in three ways:

    • Voice command
    • Easy button press
    • AI-powered fall detection

    It operates on both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity to ensure you can access the help you need no matter where you are.

  • Response

    The emergency monitoring services are US-based and uphold the highest standards for emergency response centers. It’s staffed by skilled operators provided with all the relevant details for your emergency plan to assist you as quickly as possible with the right level of help.

  • Battery-Operated

    Unlike other medical alert devices on the market, the Kanega Watch does not have to be removed in order to charge, sometimes for hours at a time. The watch will give you an alert when the batteries need to be changed, and you can easily do that with only a few minutes of downtime.

    In the event the batteries become dislodged in a fall, there are internal backup batteries installed that will still provide your location and 15 minutes of connection with the alert center. Our square batteries are built into the watchband and easy to swap out for charging, even with compromised fine motor skills.

  • Design

    This revolutionary senior safety device is cleverly disguised as a gorgeous smartwatch that eliminates any stigma surrounding wearable alert devices. You can speak the command phrase to activate help or press the “help” button. The display is black with white text, maximizing contrast and enhancing visibility.

  • Reliability

    Don’t worry about getting it wet. This watch is water-resistant and safe for the shower, though perhaps not for a dip in the pool. The rechargeable batteries are easy to replace and last for years.

  • Medication Reminders

    Never miss another medication or supplement dose, even on the go. The Kanega Watch will also show medication reminders that are easy to customize.

  • UnAliWear Kanega Watch Vs. Other Medical Alert Devices

    The features of the Kanega Watch far exceed those of other devices. In most cases, fall detection devices are worn as a pendant around your neck and must be removed regularly to be charged. Other wrist-based devices do not have both cellular and WIFI connectivity, multiple ways to send alerts or a lifetime price guarantee the UnAliWear watchband offers.

  • UnAliWear Kanega Watch Vs. The Apple Watch

    The reliability and versatility of the Apple Watch is not equipped to fill the role of a wearable medical alert system. While it does have built-in fall detection, this has proven to be problematic at best, according to the New York Times.[3] It also lacks multi-functional alert capabilities and emergency monitoring support. There’s also a steep investment to acquire and maintain an Apple device, as well as a complex setup process.

Do I Need Fall Detection or Emergency Monitoring Service?

You might! The UnAliWear Kanega Watch is suitable for any senior or older adult.

If you or your loved one struggles with balance, mobility, a history of stroke, or any medical conditions with an elevated risk of falls, an alert device could be life-saving.

If you live alone or far from loved ones, you will all sleep a little easier knowing help is more accessible than ever, both at home and out and about.

How To Get Your UnAliWear Kanega Watch Through Heavenly Care

Purchases of this wearable safety device are made directly through UnAliWear. Heavenly Care is excited to partner with them to bring you practical solutions for daily safety challenges at an affordable rate.

UnAliWear also offers Heavenly Care clients, families, and our community a 30-day risk-free trial and one free month of emergency monitoring service on the annual plan. Mention “Heavenly” in the referral box when you purchase your watch to secure your discount.

What is the cost of the watch?

The initial cost of the watch includes the device purchase, the setup fee, and the first month of service. There are annual and monthly plans available, with reduced overall costs for yearly plans. Ongoing costs include the monthly service fees (more affordable than most) and the infrequent battery replacement. See the UnAliWear site for up-to-date pricing information.

Frequently Asked Questions  About The UnAliWear Kanega Watch

Do I need a Kanega Watch to hire Heavenly Care?

No, it is not required for you to have this device. However, we strongly urge that some form of fall detection should be in place for your safety and peace of mind.

How can I prevent falls at home?

The best way to prevent falls is to keep floors, stairs, and walkways clear of any clutter and ensure you have good lighting in high-traffic areas. Always use handrails when available or walking assist devices when needed. It is also beneficial to remain active as often and as safely as possible to maintain your normal mobility levels.[4]

What is the Kanega Watch’s battery life?

The recommendation from UnAliWear is to swap out the batteries daily as part of your morning or evening routine or every 24-36 hours. This ensures optimal performance at all times. 

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