COVID-19 Update & Protocols

UPDATE about Covid-19

Heavenly is committed to supporting families as they consider options for care during the COVID-19 outbreak, and we understand social isolation and keeping people home is the safest solution. Call us today at 512-432-5503 if you are needing care and we can share our preparations, monitoring, and ability to support you. From offering live in caregivers, consistently providing “Fit for Duty” screening, and following all CDC guidelines for potential exposure, Heavenly is prepared to provide you with Home Care Solutions.


We know our clients are concerned about safety in their homes — which is the best place for them to be! Heavenly encourages regular screening of Covid-19 symptoms with everyone in the home to maintain the safest environment for you.


We screen all caregivers prior to shifts, and follow CDC guidelines with anyone showing symptoms of Covid, including ensuring a Doctor’s order is given and/or a Covid 19 test where appropriate. PPE for all caregivers are provided, with ongoing efforts being made to stay ahead of the high demand for gloves, masks, gowns, etc.

In addition to PPE, we ensure ALL EMPLOYEES complete a training specific to COVID-19 before accessing our PPE supply that ensures their safety and yours.

The most important thing any of us can do now is to try and minimize the spread of disease. This means following the CDC’s guidance on cleaning your hands regularly, practicing social distancing, and staying home or getting treatment if you’re sick. This is particularly important for older adults and those with an underlying chronic medical condition who seem to be at a higher risk of developing serious complications if they contract the coronavirus.

If you think you may be sick, this website from Austin Public Health provides instructions about how to prevent spreading the virus to others and how to seek medical care and testing: Also, it’s important to know that anyone without insurance can and should still get treatment by calling CommUnityCare at 512-978-9015 or 512-978-8775.