Fall Prevention – Keeping Safe As the Season Changes

October 26, 2021

As the seasons change, so do the challenges facing many elderly people. Days are getting shorter and changes in the weather can bring increased risks. Cold snaps are bringing lower temperatures and with them risk factors like ice and snow, while homes may require lots more heat to keep everyone safe and warm.

In fact, the attempts to stay warm in the new seasons can even bring subtle risks of their own – a higher risk of falling. For example, maybe you bring out a throw rug to keep feet warm and cozy. It seems a good idea, yet that new rug could also pose a tripping hazard.

Obvious risks are there too, such as ice and slippery conditions outside. Even that pile of leaves not being raked on the lawn could pose a significant fall hazard, while shorter days mean there is less visibility for many, further increasing the chances of a fall.

So, as we enter this new season, we must be aware of the increased risk of falling, and ways in which we can best prevent it.

Fall Prevention with Wearable Technology

We all know about smart phones and smart devices at home, yet smart watches often get overlooked. Many feel they are a luxury item that don’t have much to offer for anyone that isn’t into fitness.

However, wearable technology like smart watches have a lot more to offer, including helping with fall prevention.

For example, the Kanega Watch from UnaliWear is a smart watch that re-imagines the traditional medical alert device. The watch incorporates the useful features of a medical alert device with the style and functionality of a smart watch.

Packed with features designed to help keep elderly safe while maintaining their independence, the smart device can make a huge difference this fall season. Perhaps the most noteworthy feature is sophisticated fall detection software that immediate connect to a US-based emergency response operator.

This functions with both manual and auto alerts, meaning an operator is automatically called if the wearer cannot push the button themselves. Other useful functions include reminders to take medication, emergency contact information, and all the typical smartwatch features.

While we want to prevent all falls, sometimes accidents occur. Fast response to any fall, even a minor one, is therefore essential, which is precisely what the Kanega watch offers. You can learn more at www.heavenlycaregivers.com/unaliwear-watch/

Improve Visibility to Reduce Fall Risks

As the days get shorter, we experience poorer visibility from fall into winter. These pose many risks both indoors and outdoors, so it’s important to prepare for these.

For example, consider getting vision checked at the start of fall. A change in prescription may be needed and could help improve visibility indoors and outdoors, while issues like glaucoma and cataracts may have developed.

To improve visibility indoors, consider checking all the current lighting to make sure it’s up to par with the wattage you need. Maybe change out those older bulbs for new LEDs that offer increased visibility, helping to avoid those tripping hazards around the house.

In fact, it may be a good time to install some new lighting. Maybe add a porch light to improve visibility at the entrance, helping to minimize those exterior fall risks. Why not invest in some smart lights? They are automated and perfect for maintaining visibility.

Fall Proof the Property

Sometimes being aware of fall risks isn’t enough. Accidents are likely to happen, so we can best prepare for these situations by properly preparing your home to reduce the risk of falling.

For instance, it’s a good idea to walk through your home, inspecting it for obvious fall risks. Check rugs and throws, and anything piled up on the ground. Clear space to provide wide pathways with no tripping hazards, moving around furniture if needed.

Furthermore, consider installing grab-bars at high-risk areas of the home, like stairways, hallways, bathrooms, and front porches. These go a long way helping to help falls, giving added stability that can make a BIG difference when you need it..

Asking a neighbor for some help with raking those leaves could make a big difference as fall comes soon.  In fact, Daylight Savings will be here Sunday, November 7th. Make this Fall the BEST in your Fall prevention.

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