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November 8, 2023

With Home Care You Get to Pick and Choose the Services You Need

As families are looking into home care for their senior loved ones, they might feel like they’re going to be losing some of the personal contact or care time they have with their seniors. However, the wonderful thing about home care is that you don’t have to miss out on any of the things you enjoy doing with your senior loved one. You can pick and choose what homecare services your loved one will use. Some think it’s all or nothing – that hiring a home caregiver means having someone in the house all day, all night, or all day and night. However, the trained caregivers at Heavenly Care come into the home on your schedule and help with only the things you need help with.

For example, maybe you love combing dad’s hair and getting him dressed in his favorite shirts each day so he feels confident and ready to conquer the day. You still can do that. You can have a home caregiver who arrives after Dad is dressed and ready to go for the day, and helps with other things such as light meal prep, steadying him when he walks, and/or providing companionship while you’re at work or off with the kids. You also can have a trained professional help Dad with bathing and toileting, something you might not feel comfortable or equipped to do. Then when that is done, you still can help comb Dad’s hair or pick out his favorite outfits for the day with him. You get to select what you need help with when it comes to in-home care.

However, if getting your loved one ready is frustrating for you each morning or too time-consuming as you’re also trying to get ready, a home caregiver can be on hand to get your loved one up, get them cleaned, and also get them dressed and downstairs safely for the day. Then, instead, you can spend your time being your loved one’s companion, hanging out with them, and doing some of your favorite things together without the stress of everyday personal care tasks.

The options are endless with home care. You can have someone there during the day while you work, or you can have someone there at night should your loved one wake up and need something. You can have help with tasks such as light meal prep or clean up, or even have someone to sit down and ensure your loved one eats their meals and has some companionship while they are doing that.

If you are busy during the day, a home caregiver can help your senior loved one with reminders to take their medications with their lunchtime meal or bring them to and from appointments. Perhaps your senior loved one likes to get out during midday and feel the sunshine on their face, or get some exercise. A home caregiver can help get them out safely onto the patio, or accompany them on a walk around the block. Even if you are in the home, a home caregiver can provide an extra set of helping hands. Many are trained in dementia care and even to supplement Hospice care. The choice of what you need help with and when you need it is completely up to you.

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Caregiver Spotlight ~ November 2023
~ Latasha ~

Latasha has been with us since March 2023 & in that short time she has been a consistent beam of light & hope for her clients.  Her clients always speak very highly of her attention to detail, her level of care & the soft nurturing approach. Latasha also proactively looks for ways to support the staff & agency by picking up last min shift and/or requesting shifts open & available that match her schedule.  Even though Latasha has been with us for just a short amount of time; she has performed above & beyond & we here at the agency hope she continues on her professional journey with Heavenly Care for many years to come!

7 Tips for Navigating Grief During the Holidays

by ncoa.org
It can be difficult to know how to navigate grief at any point in time—there is no roadmap for grief, a variety of grief reactions exist, and grief can look very different from one loss to the next. At certain times, such as the holidays, grief might be heightened.

As the holidays approach, grievers may find themselves bracing or feeling overwhelmed, anticipating how to handle gathering without the deceased loved one, fearing being saturated in grief, or questioning whether it is okay to celebrate and feel happy amidst loss. In contrast, they may find that their grief seems unusually quiet, but this, too, can bring a sense of unease.

There isn’t a “right” way to grieve or to experience grief around the holidays, but if you are experiencing challenges, the following coping approaches might bring support and comfort, leading to a more manageable or healthy holiday experience.

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