How a Home Care Agency Can Help Support You and Your Family

November 16, 2016

Caregivers can offer much needed support, respite, and relief for a family. While many individuals may feel that it is their sole responsibility to care and support any elderly or infirm loved one, there is no shame in looking for additional help.

This is precisely what is offered by home care agency. They can help to provide additional levels of support that will not only benefit a loved one that requires care, but also for the entire family – whether an individual of group effort, families that are constantly caring for someone can often face high levels of stress, anxiety, and grief given the circumstances.

A home care agency provides the benefits of a care home but without having to move your loved one to care facility.

There are many positive aspects gained for all involved, and in honor of national family caregiver month, let’s look at how a home care agency can offer support to you and your family:

There are various levels of support available

Elderly relatives can have varying levels of problems. From mobility issues to problems with mental health, there’s such a large spectrum of conditions that can lead to someone you love requiring care.

Thankfully, home care agencies can provide assistance in whatever way suits you best. For example, it could be just a few visits each week or round-the-clock care through a live-in carer. They will provide the necessary levels of care according to you and your loved one’s needs.

It ensures care in familiar surroundings

Perhaps the biggest benefit of home care is the fact that your loved one gets to remain in familiar surroundings. Be their own home or one of a family member, home care ensures that they do not have to undergo serious changes and can enjoy the same home comforts they are used to.

From staying surrounded by neighbors, friends, and loved ones to being able to still be regularly visited from home, an elderly patient will always be in a much better mindset from home – this can make all the difference when living with or recovering from conditions and ailments.

Knowing you haven’t sent a loved one away to a care home can be a massive relief for many, especially when overcome with grief and guilt associated with this.

The workload can be shared

Most elderly or infirm patients will start receiving care from a loved one, be it a spouse, child, friend or close relative. For the most part, these people will want to remain as part of their care system even when hiring additional from a home care agency and that is exactly what is achieved.

Support workers will be able to take a large chunk of the caring responsibilities off stressed loved ones, which will benefit everyone involved. For example, if you are struggling to deal with the situation, you can’t really offer top quality care the person requires, not to mention suffering from a number of emotional problems yourself.

Care home support can offer solutions to problems like these. You get to remained involved in caring for someone you love, but not to levels that are detrimental to your or them.

Family members can find time to recuperate and relax, which will allow you to offer the best care possible.  You can still live your normal life whilst offering care and support for the person you love.

Recovery times can be greatly improved

Elderly individuals can easily suffer from number of illnesses and injuries. Some will take quite a lot of time to recover from, such as major surgery. Home care support allows specialized care support that aims to aid the recovery process.

With a dedicated carer, an elderly patient can enjoy much faster recovery periods as they remain in family surroundings whilst still receiving the quality care they need.

More independence

The loss of independence that elderly people undergo can have a quite negative impact on their mental well-being. It’s not easy to lose your independence regardless of age or medical conditions, and a home care agency will ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Being at home and cared for is a far cry from being in a care home. They still get to choose when to get up, eat, go out (if possible) and will even receive assistance in doing the things they enjoy.

Peace of mind

While the care your loved one receives is the obvious benefit of a home care agency, the positive effect it has on you and your family shouldn’t be overlooked. It offers a massive peace of mind for all involved. You can worry less and get to enjoy the time you spend with your loved one!

It may be hard to admit, but you simply cannot offer the same level and range of care that a care home agency could. They are trained professionals that know exactly what to do to ensure that your loved one gets the care they need and deserve.

With things like work, children, and your own life to live, it would be unreasonable to add full-time caregiving onto what is likely an already hectic life. There’s no shame in this either, as a home care service ensures they are getting the best care possible as well as a host of other benefits – there’s nothing selfish about it!

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