Possible Warning Signs of Dementia

February 17, 2022

Everyone has unique traits in their personality.  As we get older, these unique traits may grow stronger. Some of these traits may be behavioral in nature or inappropriate in a social setting, and this could indicate dementia or other medical concerns.

No one is immune to memory lapses, moments of confusion or misunderstandings, but some behaviors listed below could be related to dementia:

  • Evidence that medications are not being taken as ordered by the physician when the medication bottles or med planner are reviewed.
  • Stopped wanting to learn new things, such as how to use a computer, microwave, or use the TV remote.
  • Complains that someone is stealing their money or belongings.
  • Leaving multiple messages on family members cell phones or calling repeatedly, then does not remember why they called.
  • Telling stories that are untrue or they “enhance” them differently than from reality.
  • Repeatedly asking the same question, even though you’ve already given them the answer.
  • Complaining that someone (neighbor, friend, etc) is staring into their house or apartment watching them or has become afraid of the neighbor for no valid reason.
  • Mood swings: They cry and laugh several times within an hour’s time.
  • Not paying important bills routinely or not paying bills at all.
  • Placing words in a sentence that don’t belong, making the sentence difficult to understand.
  • Can’t remember the names of their children and makes attempts to cover it up. Or they call their son or daughter by another relative’s name and repeat this even when they are corrected.
  • Their house or apartment have notes posted all over the house and some of them make no sense.
  • They continually buy more of what is already in the refrigerator because they forgot they had already had those items.
  • The calendar has every day checked off and notes as to what happened on that day.
  • They have lost complete interest in a hobby or activity.
  • When out for a walk, they rely on you to take the lead on the way back, as if they can’t remember the way.
  • You come to visit for a meal, and they forget something cooking until you both smell it burning.
  • They lose things and you eventually find them in ridiculous places.

If these are observed, and you are concerned, an evaluation by a physician or neurologist may be the next step to review your loved one’s medications, and any additional medical concerns that may be contributing to cognitive issues.

Heavenly Care can provide services to help keep your loved one safe by providing companionship and caregiving services until those further evaluations can be completed, a plan for the next step can be formulated.

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