Tips for Staying Safe in the Heat

July 26, 2016

As we are well and truly into summer, the temperatures are rising and most of us are getting treated to some brilliant weather. And while this is generally viewed as a good thing, excessive heats can actually become uncomfortable, and even dangerous.

Conditions such as heat stroke or dehydration can be deadly if gone untreated, and sometimes we do not realize there is a problem with the heat until we are already suffering from its affects.

Luckily enough there are many precautions we can take to help us stay safe in the heat, so let’s take a look at some important tips for staying safe in the heat:

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Fluids are key for staying safe in the heat as they help to keep us hydrated, so always be sure to have a constant supply of cold fluids for drinking. Water is the best fluid for this, although other drinks can be enjoyed too, just avoid anything with too much sugar as this can speed up the rate in which we lose body fluids – alcohol should be avoided because of this too.

Avoid the Hottest Parts of the Day

Staying indoors can be one of the best way to avoid excessive heat, especially during the hottest periods of the day. This is most typically around midday, but depending on the temperatures it could last longer, so staying indoors from around 11am-3pm is advisable.

If you have to go out, which many people will of course, try doing so in the earlier and later portions of the day.

Use Air Conditioning If Possible

Air conditioning can not only make you feel more comfortable in sweltering heats, but it helps to keep your body temperature much cooler too, so be sure to use it indoors when possible. Not everyone has air-con however, but places like the library or the mall are great public spots where there will usually be air conditioning in use.

Never Leave a Person or Pet in the Car

The inside of a car can become one of the most dangerous places to spend in the heat, as the temperatures will soar into dangerously high levels. Without exaggerating it feels like you are sitting in an oven, as cars can overheat to such extreme levels that it can be lethal for anyone exposed to it for long enough.

Wear the Right Clothing

It rather obvious, but wearing the correct type of clothing can help keep you safe in excessive heat. Not many people will want to wear layers of heavy clothing in warm temperatures right enough, but always try to wear light and loose fitting clothing, and be sure to have a hat and sunglasses if you are going outside. Light-colored garments will also help keep you cool.

Exercise Later in the Day

Exercise should really be avoided during times of excessive heat, although you can still get your sweat on – just make sure it is at the coolest part of the day! This means exercising later in the evening once the heat has died down and be sure to drink plenty of fluids to re-hydrate.

Check on Those Who Are More at Risk

The heat can bring safety concerns to any one person, but some are more at risk than others. Whether it’s your neighbor, someone in your house, or just a friend, always be sure to check up on those who could be at risk from heat-related illnesses.

These are most typically elderly people (65+), infants and young children, anyone that is ill, and people that are overweight. They may need your help, so stay extra vigilant!

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